100% interior lined with AQ3 Thermal fabric Hollow Fiber firewall on chest, back, and hoods Removable ankle cinches provided with each suit A.D.S. Aqua Vent Drain System - New and improved drain vents

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Sizes XS-3XL, MS, ML, LS, LL, XLS, XLL    Size Chart


Thickness 5/3mm, 4/3mm and 3/2mm


The brand new AMP-3 WIND Front zip wetsuits. Completely redesigned the AMP-3 WIND is the warmest and most flexible suit we have ever produced. Highlighting the AMP-3 is our new AQ3 Thermal lined interior fabric which promotes core warmth without sacrificing flexibility. Finally the best of both worlds in one wetsuit. Also the A.D.S. Aqua Vent Drain System has been simplified for maximum water flushing and durability.


The AMP Series- High End Materials, Mid-range Price

A3 Ankle CinchesA3 Ankle Cinches
Removeable ankle cinches provided with each suit
AQ3 Thermal MaterialAQ3 Thermal Material
100% interior lined with AQ3 thermal fabric
Aquavent Drain SystemAquavent Drain System
A.D.S. Aqua Vent Drain System– improved drain vents
Bomb Proof Harness ZoneBomb Proof Harness Zone
Bomb Proof Harness Zone– adds durability and strength; reduces wear and tear on the wetsuit
Chillbreaker Mesh / Honeycomb Hollow FiberChillbreaker Mesh / Honeycomb Hollow Fiber
Chillbreaker mesh skin chest/back
Double Lined Exterior Fusion TapeDouble Lined Exterior Fusion Tape
Equipped with double lined exterior fusion tape
Duratex KneepadsDuratex Kneepads
a highly abrasion-resistant textile outer surface which does not inhibit movement and adds additional protection and comfort to the knee.
Hollow Fiber FirewallHollow Fiber Firewall
Hollow fiber firewall on chest and back
PK Front ZipPK Front Zip
PK waterproof mini front zip entry (Front zip suits)
Superstrech MaterialSuperstrech Material
100% AmpStretch™ superstretch neoprene®