Adriana Harlan

Hometown: North Shore, Oahu – Hawaii
Favorite Hyperflex Product: AMP3 long sleeve top and springsuit
Favorite Move: Smashing the lip on a strapless surfboard with a kite
Riding Style: Surf
Favorite Spot: Mokuleia, Hawaii
Favorite Conditions: Side shore wind, 4-6ft waves
Dream Destination: Indonesia, Marshal Island
Food & Drink: I don’t drink, but I love to eat fresh organic veggies with fish, steak or chicken
Influences: My husband Chuck and the pro kiters at my local spot
Goals: Above all have fun when I’m kiting! My goal is also to travel to as many locations as possible to expose the sport of kitesurfing in the waves with photos and video.
Accomplishments: 2011 Triple SSS – 1st place in the surf, 2011 KSP Peru – 5th place overall and Up and Coming Rider of the event, 2011 KSP Cape Verde – 1st place in surf expression session. Also several magazine spreads and photos both in US magazines and abroad.
Sponsors: Hyperflex Wetsuits, Tambor Acai, Reflekt Polarized

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