Cameron Dietrich

Hometown: Paia Hawaii
Living: Planet Earth
Favorite Hyperflex Product: VooDoo FZ
Favorite Move: Barrels and big airs in beachies
Riding Style: None
Favorite Spot: P-pass Micronesia
Influences: My Friends, all the mad watermen in Hawaii
Goals: To push the limits and make a difference. And always aim to win anything I enter.
Acomplishments: To Winning contests have always been big, being 2nd and 4th on world tour 2010 was big for me. I would say being one of the first kiters to really kite JAWs is big on my list.

Music: Ben Pearce
Sponsors: Hyperflex, Liquid Force, Dakine, FCS, Channel Islands, Sturgill Spearfishing, Henderson

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