Derek McKenna

Hometown: Brick, NJ
Home Spot: Manasquan Inlet
Favorite Spots: San-O and Salt Creek
Favorite Conditions: 4-6 ft and glassy with just a few of my friends out and surfing for 8-10 hours
Sponsors: Hyperflex, Beach House Classic,  Clean Ocean Surfboards, Surf Taco, Insight, Sanuk, Spy Sunglasses and Captain Fin
Favorite Hyperflex Product: AMP3 Chest Zip (the back zip gets caught in my hair)
Favorite Moves: Hang Heels, Barrel Fives, Long Ass Tens and super smooth cutbacks
Quiver: 9’7 COS Chingona Noserider, 9’2 COS Midway, 9’0 COS PLB2, 6’0 COS Real Deal Fish, 5’10 COS Hot Potato, 5’3 Squish Fish shaped by me, 6’2 Alaia shaped by me, 5’9 Alaia shaped by me, Handplanes galore.
Accomplishments: Living the dream of surfing as much as i can and having a loving family and group of friends that support me and starting my photography career
Tunes: Marley, Modest Mouse, The Doors
Favorite Food: Any fish thrown into a tortilla with some mangos, pineapples and limes.
Drink: Vita Coco
Influences: My parents, The Crew, Joel Tudor, Alex Knost, Miki Dora, Dave Rastovich, Rob Machado, Tom Curren and Donavon Frankenreiter
Goals: Live off a boat somewhere in the tropics with the love of my life and just the bare necessities and love every minute of it
Quote: One Love, One Heart….. Love everyone you meet and treat them with love and respect and you will get treated just as well.

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