Dimitri Maramenides

Hometown: Hatteras, NC U.S.A.
Favorite Hyperflex Product: AMP 3 Wind
Favorite Move: Depends on the day. When it is really windy I like to go big and do all my tricks 40 feet up there. But when not that windy, I like to mix my wake style into something different and come up with a unique style.
Favorite Spot: Don’t have a favorite spot, every place is different with its own special thing
Dream Destination: Greece
Food & Drink: Greek, of course. Sushi is my number 2
Influences: My dad and my kids. Sometimes my friends.
Goals: Make the best Kiteboarding company in the industry and get more people involved in kiteboarding.
Music: I love all music. Classical, Hip-Hop, rap (not gangster rap), disco, funk, Rock and Roll, I don’t like Heavy Metal.
Quote: Go big or go home!
Sponsors: Hyperflex Wetsuits, Epic Kites, Dakine, Zeal Optics

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