Drew Christianson

Hometown: Delavan, Wisconsin
Favorite Hyperflex Product: All the AMP products rock!
Favorite Move: Backmobes and Kiteloops
Riding Style: Trying to have fun every time I’m in the water
Favorite Spot: St.Pete, The Keys, Gorge, Hatteras
Favorite Conditions: 18 knots and butter flat water
Dream Destination: Anywhere warm with my favorite conditions would be ideal!
Food & Drink: Can’t go wrong with Pizza
Influences: Billy Parker pushing me on the water to progress
Goals: To travel and film my journey with a few kites in the luggage.
Accomplishments: Getting more people into the sport and pushing forward a fun style of kiteboarding
Music: Anything that comes on to the Radio… To some extent
Sponsors: Hyperflex Wetsuits, Mutiny Kites, Shinn Kiteboards, Dakine

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