Jacques Beningo

Hometown: Ocean City, NJ
Favorite Hyperflex product: My Playa jacket for those cold winter days
Favorite Maneuver: Getting tubed
Riding Style: Regular
Favorite Spot: Tough one, equally Safi, Morocco and Soupbowl, Bathseba, Barbados
Favorite Condition: I like it all, except blown out shit.
Dream Destination: Mentawii charter with only my boys allowed to surf the mind boggling perfection of Indonesia.
Food and Drink: Seafood and Beer
Influences: People with positive attitudes and of course the king, “Kelly Slater”.
Accomplishments: Pulled into some triple overhead pits at Blacks last week.
Goals: Live a happy surf filled life and teach my daughter to shred.
Music: Reggae
Sponsors: Hyperflex, Sharp eye, 7th st. surf shop, and my awesome girlfriend.

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