Jeremy Lund

Hometown: Born in Southern California, raised in Colorado and live in Jupiter, FL
Favorite Hyperflex Product: I love the Playa neoprene Jacket. Stylish and comfortable it keeps me warm when I am setting up my gear or giving a lesson.
Favorite Move: There is nothing more exhilarating than a Mega Loop when it blowing 30+. The quick mid air exhilaration is an unreal feeling.
Riding Style: I would consider myself a free rider. I love to ride my twin tip when its over 25knts and my strapless directional board when the waves are pumping.
Favorite Spot: When the conditions are right I love my own back yard the most. Warm clear water and big NE swell can make for an amazing day right here in Jupiter, FL
Favorite Conditions: I like to be scared. 30Knts and huge waves tend to get the adrenaline going. Pretty much I like SAS (survival at sea) conditions.
Dream Destination: Wherever there is strong clean wind, warm air and huge waves.
Food & Drink: Mexican food.
Influences: All of my family and friends who say that I can do it. Even those people who say I cant, tend to influence me to make it happen!
Goals: to grow my Kite School NewWaveKiteboarding and continue traveling the world instructing and kiting in new places.
Accomplishments: -1st place 65 mile Jupiter to ft lauderdale race 2008 -4th place Jupiter Kiteboarding invasion freestyle event 2009 -4th place tampa bay charity event 2009 -1st place 35 mile Naples to Ft myers race 2010 -1st place In the big air contest at Jupiter Kiteboarding invasion 2010 -2nd Place Wave Riding BVI KiteJam 2011 -3rd Place Strapless Wave Riding at the Jupiter Kiteboarding Invasion 2012
Music: Everything but Rap music
SponsorsHyperflex, Wainman HawaiiKurtis USADakine, Quivers