Josh Richardson

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Favorite Hyperflex Product: Amp 3 4/3 Chest Zip, because I get cold easily and it’s the warmest suit ever!
Favorite Move: long noserides of any kind, I’m not too picky
Riding Style: A little bit of everything but mostly logging
Favorite Spot: Secret spot in Georgia, longest rights ever!
Favorite Conditions: 2-3′ and offshore
Dream Destination: Noosa, Australia
Food & Drink: Barbecue, Mac and Chesse, and Sun Drop
Influences: My family, Leland Lively, and my good friends
Goals: Be successful in whatever I choose to do with my life
Accomplishments: 2013 ESA Allstar Captain, Member of the Islands High School National Honor Society, 2nd Open Longboard 2012 ECSC
Music: All Umphrey’s McGee, all the time
Sponsors: ESA Allstars, Hyperflex Wetsuits, Surf Vival Sunscreen

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