Matthew Sexton

Hometown: Jacksonville Beach, FL
Favorite Hyperflex Product: AMP 3
Favorite Move: Any freestyle landed clean and powered and anything else that i can put my own twist on
Riding Style: Goofy
Favorite Spot: Florida Keys, Turks and Caicos, anywhere with good wave’s and wind
Favorite Conditions: Ones with Wind and Water
Dream Destination: Your Mom’s House
Food & Drink: healthy but tasty.
Influences: My friends
Goals: To take the sports in some directions that have not yet been discovered and push myself to the best of my abilities.
Accomplishments: Helped found the Collegiate Kiteboarding Association and have done what I can to expose the sport to a younger generation of riders…
Music: Deadmau5, Busy Signal, Gyptian, Grateful Dead, Hip Hop
Sponsors: Hyperflex, OtherSide BoardSports, Slingshot Sports, Dakine, Salt Life, Filibuster

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Matthew Sexton Kite Team rider