Mike Persichetti

Hometown: Melbourne, Fl
Favorite Hyperflex Product: 3/2 Team suit ( AMERRRICCAA !)
Favorite Move: Airs
Riding Style: Regular
Favorite Spot: Middles, PR
Favorite Conditions: Rampy sections!
Dream Destination: INDO!
Food & Drink: Chicken Tacos and Moutain Dew!
Influences: Julian Wilson, That guys a FREAK
Goals: To be successful in life, and have fun in whatever i’m doing!
Accomplishments: ESM “Who Da Guy?” January 2010 Issue 142, various online exposures with Transworld Surf, Surfline, and Eastern Surf.2007-2008 ESA Open Shortboard CFL District Champion. 6th place Men- ESA Eastern Surfing Championships Sept. 19- 26, 2006-2007 in Buxton, NC. 5th place Men- ESA Region Surfing Championships New Smyrna Beach FL
Music: Electro, DUB, House
Sponsors: Matt Kechele Surfboards, FREAK traction, Dragon Eyewear, Hyperflex Wetsuits

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