Paul Menta

Hometown: Key west florida
Favorite Hyperflex Product: amp wind series/ playa jacket
Favorite Move: late drop on big wave/ anything un-hooked
Riding Style: wave/wake
Favorite Spot: ecuador
Favorite Conditions: overhead side off
Dream Destination: Malaysia islands off the map
Food & Drink: i am a chef, so i cook anything thats around me, i also make rum! i carry a machete and get native foods
Influences: anyone who just rides to charge and enjoy – the ego
Goals: to kite in waves for another 15 years
Accomplishments: writer of kite manuals, key west to cuba on a kite, author of 3 books, distiller and been around the world 2 times
Music: sinatra , ramones, bush
Sponsors: cabrinha kites, costa del mar sunglasses

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