Sean Santiago

Hometown: Ocean City, New Jersey
Favorite Hyperflex Product: AMP3 3/2 mm full suit
Favorite Move: Barrels and Frontside Airs
Riding Style: Goofy
Favorite Spot: La Jolla Reefs, North Street
Favorite Conditions: Offshore Tubes
Dream Destination: Indonesia
Food & Drink: Cheesesteaks
Influences: Matt Keenan, Andrew Gesler, Rob Machado
Goals: To continue to traveling and experience the different cultures and waves the world has on offer
Accomplishments: 2nd 2010 Grudge Match Qualifier, 1st Jr. Men 2010 NE Regionals, 1st Boys 2007 NE Regionals, 5th Menehunes 2005 ESA Easterns
Music: Reggae
Sponsors: New York Sunshine, Hyperflex Wetsuits, 7th Street Surfshop, Randazzo Surfboards

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