Shawn Tracht

Hometown:  San Clemente, CA
Living:   Shell Beach, CA
Favorite Hyperflex Product:   4/3 Amp III Front Zip
Favorite Move:  This is a toss up between a fins free tail waft and a round house cutty to rebound
Riding Style:  Regular Brah
Favorite Spot:  The Right at Beaver Cover
Favorite Conditions: 4-6 foot and glassy
Dream Destination:  Channel Islands
Food & Drink: Enchiladas from my Mexican students in my classes and horchata!!
Influences:  My Mom and Dad, my wife, my son and Daughter. My Nana and Popi, The big guy upstairs, the older surfer teachers I teach with, my students who inspire others through working hard, Jeff Pfost, Fletcher Burton, Jason Rath, Brent Lieberman, Dave “Mouse” Friesen, Andres Nuno, Scott Tracht, Russell Hoyte, John Perry, Ray Lucke, and all the Surfwanderer Crew.
Goals:   Be a great father, husband, teacher, and athlete.  I’d also like to write and surf for all the major surf mags in due time.
Music:   Nirvana, Marley, Country, Rap, jazz…all kinds
Sponsors: Hyperflex and Surfwanderer Media