Skyler Stokes

Hometown: Solana Beach, California.
Favorite Hyperflex Product: Amp 3 all black chest zip!
Favorite Move: Either barrels or a massive hack with style.
Riding Style: I like to be fluid, so I guess mellow?
Favorite Spot: There are so many good waves, I can’t really pick one!
Favorite Conditions: Over head, sunny, warm water and either howling offshore or variable winds.
Dream Destination: Maldives, Ireland, Madagascar and Australia. Basically, the world.
Food and Drink: Thanksgiving feast, Mexican, Italian, American, Hawaiian.. I’ll go with anything really.
Influences: Anyone that has a good attitude and is helpful to others.
Goals: To be a great person in and out of the water.
Accomplishments: A few editorial shots here and there. Not much of a contest guy.
Music: Anything but hard rap and country. Hip-hop, folk, classic rock, and house to name a few.
Sponsors: Hyperflex, Roberts Surfboards and Rhythm

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