Teddy Lyons

Hometown: Ocean City, NJ
Favorite Hyperflex Product: AMP III 3/2
Favorite Move: Strapless 360
Riding Style: Strapless
Favorite Spot: Mex!
Favorite Conditions: 25knts side onshore with overhead waves Dream Destination: Fji Food & Drink: Double Double with Fries
Influences: All the great strapless kite surfers who are pushing the limits of whats possible with a kite and a surfboard
Goals: Travel and Be Happy
Accomplishments: 2nd place in the Surf at the Triple-S
Music: Reggae, Rock, Funk
Sponsors: Hyperflex Wetsuits, BenWilsonSurf, Reflekt Polarized, Engine Harnesses, Saquito Mix

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