Tinho Dornellas

Hometown: Merritt Island, FLorida
Favorite Hyperflex Product: Amp 3 front zip suits
Favorite Move: Bottom turn off big waves, WIndsurfing -planing tack
Riding Style: Standing up
Favorite Spot: Surfing – Portugal southern west coast. Windsurfing – anywhere its windy and water is clean
Favorite Conditions: glassy surf, light offshore, windsurf any conditions
Dream Destination: New Zealand
Food & Drink: Thai, sushi, spicy food, seafood. Portuguese Red wine, beer.
Influences: My parents, Christ, Ghandi, Dr Seuss. Oh and my wife…
Goals: Windsurf and SUP till I croak. Be a good dad and husband
Accomplishments: 28 years in business despite the ups and downs of the economy, Own two businesses, raise a family, US Sailing Master Instructor Trainer (windsurfing-2 in the USA), technical editor in magazines, writer, photographer, woodworker, Board shaper, board builder, voted year 2000 windsurfer of the year, hosted biggest windsurfing event in the USA in 2003.
Music: Dire Straights, and any good quality Rock, Reggae, Blues, Norah Jones, Govi.
Sponsors:Hyperflex, Supreme, Fanatic Windsurfing, North Sails, Squid Designs, Hobie Polarized, Dakine, SUP Active

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