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Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16    Size Chart

HEIGHT:4’8″ – 4’11”4’10” – 5’1″5’1″ – 5’4″5’4″ – 5’7″
WEIGHT:75-90 lbs.90-105 lbs.105-120 lbs.120-135 lbs.
HEIGHT:2’10” – 3’1″3’1″ – 3’5″3’5″ – 3’9″3’9″ – 4’2″4’2″ – 4’5″4’5″ – 4’8″
WEIGHT:20-25 lbs.25-30 lbs.35-40 lbs.40-50 lbs.50-60 lbs.60-75 lbs.

Thickness 3/2MM, 4/3MM

SKU XD832JB-01, XD843JB-01

The Cyclone2 series combines top-of-the-line performance and features with an insanely low price point. Highlighting Cyclone2 is the QuantumFoamneoprene which is unbelievably stretchy and lightweight. Additionally, the interior Chest/Back Fullsuit models are equipped with our FireFleece+insulation fabric. Cyclone2 also benefits from our new Cocoon-BZ™ Entry Point & Closure System design and also comes standard with GBS seams, however the option for a Flatlock version is available in the 3/2mm version.

Flatlock SeamsFlatlock Seams
a low-profile seam which offers more comfort and is very flexible which is better suited for warmer water temperature ranges and is a great option for 3/2mm Fullsuits or Springsuits.
Duratex KneepadsDuratex Kneepads
a highly abrasion-resistant textile outer surface which does not inhibit movement and adds additional protection and comfort to the knee.
features a heavy-duty carbon coated stainless steel slider for corrosion resistance and longevity.
GBS SeamsGBS Seams
we double-glue and blind-stitch all seams using a single-needle which does not puncture a hole all the way through the neoprene which prevents water from leaking in while also maintaining a highly flexible and low-profile construction.
Key StashKey Stash
tuck pocket with key loop
AnchorPoint Reinforcement TabsAnchorPoint Reinforcement Tabs
all critical seam intersections are strengthened with heat-applied reinforcement tabs.
Quantum Foam NeopreneQuantum Foam Neoprene
we infused larger air cell pockets into the foam strata achieving a lighter weight, high-performance stretch rubber that feels like it was sprayed onto your body.
FireFleece+ Insulation PanelsFireFleece+ Insulation Panels
a heat-boosting lightweight neoprene layer with a closed-cell outer mesh skin which is also internally-lined with a moisture-wicking micro fabric for comfort and warmth.