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Third Party Seller Application


Third Party Seller App

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List all the names under which you sell products (Provide your seller name as listed under "seller information" on sites where you sell products.) Failure to disclose all seller accounts, storefronts, etc... will be viewed as a violation of our seller policy and will result in immediate Dealer suspension and/or termination.

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In order to sell Hyperflex products on a 3rd party website, Dealers must stock all products they offer for sale. Authorized dealers that offer Hyperflex brand products for sale via 3rd party websites which have not been authorized by Hyperflex, or offer Hyperflex products that they do not stock for immediate resale will be in violation of Hyperflex's Terms and Conditions and sales to them by Hyperflex may be suspended and/or terminated at Hyperflex's sole discretion.
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